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1. All the students should attend the class punctually in neat and tidy Uniforms, polished shoes, and hair trimmed & well combed, any lapse is liable to punishment.

2. If by chance a student comes late, an entry has to be made in the page allotted for late coming in the diary and the signature of the Principal or other higher authorized, be obtained before entering the classroom. Recurrence will lead to severe punishment and even dismissal from school.

3. No leave of absence will be granted except on a written application from the parents.

4. Students who for unexplained reasons absent themselves for more than two weeks continuously are struck off the rolls and as a rule not readmitted.

5. If a student is absent through illness, the Principal must be informed at once and the student must produce a medical certificate when he/she comes to school.

Decency Decorum & Conduct

1. Pupils should keep the classrooms and school premises absolutely clean. Waste paper baskets are provided in every classroom.

2. Damage to school property, disfiguring of walls, indecent language or behaviour are serious offences which may entail punishment even dismissal.

3. Every Student is expected to keep up the high tone of the school by excelling in conduct, good manners and cleanliness both in and out of the school.

4. No student should be seen outside the classroom during class hours.

5. Any loss made by the student to the property of the school like books, lab articles, games articles, computers, furniture, Window & Door Glass etc., should be compensated by him/her.

6. Irregular attendance, habitual idleness, neglect of homework, disobedience to the teachers and bad habits will lead to the dismissal of students.

7. Students are forbidden to bring valuable items like jewellery, cash, a camera, mobile and so on.

8. Every student must take part in – group games and in the functions at school unless exempted by the Principal on valid grounds like physical handicap and sickness.

9. Attendance is compulsory on all important functions like Sports, Day, School Day, Children’s Day and other celebrations like Independence Day and Republic Day. Students should remain till the functions are over. Absence will be viewed.


1. Cycle tests are conducted daily as per the schedule. Formative tests will also be conducted.

2. Summative Assessments are held in September, December, and March / April. No re-exam will be conducted for absentees. In convincing cases, the marks in the other examinations will be considered.

3. For all the cycle tests answer scripts/test notes will be sent to the parents through the students during weekends. Parents are expected to go through the performance, sign in the scripts/test notes and send them back to school. Teachers will verify the same and return it to the students.

4. Any student indulging in any kind of malpractice during tests and examinations will not be allowed to write other tests and examinations. They should meet the Principal with their parents.

5. Report Cards will be given to the parents after formative assessments and first two summative assessments to help the parents to know the level and achievement of their children and to take suitable follow-up action.

Joining & Leaving The Middle

1. Those who join or leave in the middle of the academic year will have to pay the fee for the whole year in the lieu of the loss caused by the non-admission of another student in the place.

2. If a parent wishes to withdraw his child from the School, he should have a written application to the Correspondent. Transfer Certificates will be issued only if and when all payments are cleared from the school.

Parental Co-Operation

1. Parents / Guardians are earnestly requested to enforce regularity and discipline, to see that the children prepare their lessons at home and devote at least one hour in the morning and two in the evening to study.

2. Children’s Progress reports are to be duly signed and returned to the school.

3. Parents must attend the Orientation Programme which will be informed through a circular.

4. Parents should not approach the teachers without the prior permission of the Principal.

The Diary & Promotion

1. The diary is a valid record of the student. Students should bring it daily to make relevant notes and entries. If lost, they would get a new one on payment of the cost and a fine for carelessness.

2. Promotions are based on the average of the examinations conducted throughout the year.